• Past Chairman of the American Polygraph Association(APA) Board of Directors

  • Two-term Past President of the American Polygraph Association

  • Retired Massachusetts State Police Captain supervising Polygraph, and Internal Affairs

  • Started the first post-conviction sex offender polygraph testing program in Massachusetts and due to its success led to passage of the Community Supervision for Life Law (Ch. 74 of the Acts of 1999) which has reduced the number of sexual assault victims in MA.

  • Polygraph School Instructor and Lecturer

  • Solved numerous homicides, rapes, robberies, and other violent crimes, as well as assisting law enforcement agencies in riding their departments of officers involved in criminal behavior.


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John "Jack" Consigli, MA has been conducting polygraph examinations for thirty years. A graduate of the famous Backster School of Lie Detection, Mr. Consigli was personally trained by Cleve Backster, one of the pioneers of the polygraph profession and the father of the control question polygraph, numeric scoring and the zone comparison question technique.

Jack is a past Chairman of the Board of Directors of the American Polygraph Association and a two term past president of the APA. He has lectured to polygraph organizations throughout North America and the world in locations including South America, Malaysia, Oman, and the United Arab Emirates.   He is a guest lecturer for numerous polygraph schools and state polygraph associations.

Jack is a highly respected polygraph expert whose work product will stand up to intense scrutiny by local, state or federal law enforcement polygraph examiners.

Attorneys who are seeking polygraph results that will influence District Attorney prosecutorial decisions need to ensure that those results can withstand evaluation by law enforcement examiners and other experts. 

Jack's strict adherence to research validated testing formats, numerical scoring, and question formulation ensures that his examinations can withstand that scrutiny.

Feel free to call Jack at 978-500-5183 for additional information or consultation.

Relevant Court Case in which Mr. Consigli was the examiner: