Consigli Polygraph uses only state of the science instrumentation. The Limestone Paragon Polygraph employs five movement sensors monitoring an examinee to ensure the purity of the collected physiology. The Paragon collects the examinee’s physiology at a rate of eighty samplings per second. The video camera employed by the instrument’s software is synchronized to the collected tracings ensuring greater determination accuracy.


All polygraph examinations are peer reviewed by nationally recognized peer reviewers who are experts in the polygraph technique employed. The Consigli Polygraph final report includes the peer review and the curriculum vitae of the peer reviewer.


Consigli Polygraph can conduct your polygraph examination in any location that provides relative quietness and is free of distractions. Examinations can be conducted in such places as attorney's offices, hotel rooms, even prisons, or other locations with prior arrangements. Feel free to contact us with your requirements.


Consigli Polygraph offers an extensive list of polygraph capabilities for our clients. Feel free to contact us if the type of polygraph you need is not listed here. We specialize in polygraph support primarily to attorneys and law enforcement agencies. Criminal cases are our specialty; however, we can assist you in a number of other areas where polygraph can be of assistance to your client. Some example cases include:

  • Title IX of US Department of Education Amendments of 1972

  • Allegations of theft

  • Assault investigations

  • Sexual battery cases

  • Fraud allegations

  • Homicide investigations

  • Confirmation of alibi

  • Witness corroboration

  • Child sexual assault or child abuse

  • Expert testimony

  • Second opinion of prior polygraph

  • Monitoring law enforcement polygraph examinations

  • Expert consultation

  • Confirmation of testimony

  • Confirmation of asset disclosure

  • Asylum testing when granting religious/political asylum, federal courts consider medical records, psychological testing for PTSD and polygraph examinations

  • Consigli Polygraph also conducts fidelity examinations on occasion when warranted by the situation