"Thanks again for your polygraph expertise. Although I had some alibi evidence to work with, the prosecutor was unwilling to dismiss the case as it involved a very substantial felony charge and he felt he needed to hear more exculpatory evidence, particularly in light of the investigating detective’s strong feelings that he had charged the right guy, my client. I was confident that my client would pass the polygraph and he did. With your report in hand I filed a second motion to dismiss. During argument, I specifically mentioned your name as the polygraph examiner, mentioning to the judge that I was sure he was aware of your background and reputation for integrity. The judge acknowledged that with a nod of the head. The ADA followed with a something less than enthusiasm about the strength of his case and eventually agreed that a dismissal was probably appropriate, after which the judge dismissed the case. Thanks for your help and expert work."

- William D. Crowe, Esquire
Crowe & Dunn, Boston, MA

"I value our association and friendship all of these years and appreciate all you have done for me and the cause of justice with the state police and your private polygraph expertise."

- Atty. Robert Weiner, Former First Assistant District Attorney Essex County

"I strongly recommend your office using and referring others to John Consigli as a polygraph expert. I am attaching his resume to this email. He comes highly recommended, great credentials, and is known within the law enforcement community. I used his polygraph test results today on a case that you and I recently worked on and was successful in obtaining pre-trial probation for 6 months without any admission whatsoever."

- Atty. Richard C. Bardi

" Your findings indicated that my client was telling the truth when he denied sexual contact with his daughter. His daughter, according to information recently provided to me, has recanted and indicated that her father, in fact, did not abuse her. I imagine that even with the confidence you have as to the accuracy of your polygraph process, that it's good to know when there has been a verification from an outside source."

- Atty. Mary F. McCabe

Jack is an AAPP member and the past Chairman of the Board of Directors of the American Polygraph Association and a two term past president of the APA. He has lectured to polygraph organizations throughout North America and the world in locations including South America, Malaysia, Oman, and the United Arab Emirates.

Jack started the first post-conviction sex offender polygraph testing program in Massachusetts and due to its success led to passage of the Community Supervision for Life Law (Ch.74 of the Acts of 1999) which has reduced the number of sexual assault victims in Ma. He authored a chapter on testing sex offenders in Murray Kleiner's well-respected " Handbook of Polygraph Testing".

As an American Polygraph Association Certified Polygraph Instructor and School Inspector he helped the AAPP and the profession continue to maintain the highest of standards for those schools recognized by the AAPP and accredited by the APA. Those inspections were done on his time and using his volunteered body of knowledge accumulated through the years.

With twenty years of polygraph experience as a polygraph investigator and supervisor of the Massachusetts State Police he has certainly been in the profession a considerable amount of time. Through those many years he helped solve numerous homicides, rapes, robberies, and other violent crimes, as well as assisting law enforcement agencies in riding their departments of officers involved in criminal behavior.

Since retiring, Jack has worked primarily for police agencies that need internal affairs polygraph examinations conducted and for private attorneys. It was within this scope that I actually got to know and appreciate him.

I met Jack for the first time at the APA conference this year in San Diego and we had a pleasant conversation. He asked if I might be willing to Q.C. an exam for him every now and then, to which I agreed. Upon returning home Jack emailed me and told me he had a test to review of great importance. Jack was testing a vascular surgeon who had been accused of inappropriate touching a patient during an examination. This 60+ year old doctor had been in practice for over 30 years and had a sterling record. Unfortunately at the time of the allegation the doctor was also experiencing additional troubles. He was in the middle of a divorce, he had been diagnosed with a neurologic disorder, and was suffering from anxiety. The allegations were career threatening to this man and in preparation for a hearing with the medical board, the doctor's attorney consulted Jack and had Jack test the doctor.

I ended up conducting a full quality control review of the examination and it was then I really began to appreciate Jack Consigli and what he means to me and this profession. Jack's examination of this doctor was truly textbook. The ease with which he conversed, the calming demeanor, the excellent test question formulation and presentation and the high quality data resulting from the exam are testimony to Jack's dedication. After I wrote and submitted my report I had a chance to speak with Jack. Jack told me, "Mark, to me the measure of a skilled professional examiner is how they handle a truthful case." He went on to elaborate and share with me his philosophy that a true polygraph professional is the one that gets the right answers. For a guy that has been doing this for 25 plus years, he epitomizes what we should all aspire to become, a fair and impartial zealot for the truth.

- Mark Handler

"At last I can write you now that the case is entirely settled. It appears that the District Attorney is not proceeding with the charges thanks to your work. But another point needs to be made with regards to the usefulness of your professionalism. I could point out that my client had passed a polygraph with a very experienced polygraph examiner. I made the polygraph results available to the other side in the civil case. It really was very influential in promoting settlement efforts, efforts that were very much encouraged by the judge when he engaged in a settlement conference with the parties and attorneys in lieu of a hearing and at that point was aware of the polygraph results because the issue of admissibility at trial was no longer involved. Further, I submitted the polygraph to the Department of Health and Human Services. They are no longer involved in this case either. I have recommended you far and wide. Thank you again, not only for the polygraph but for being available and so helpful after it was completed when I was dealing with the many adversaries in this case."

- Judy Potter, Esquire

"I have been using polygraph testing since I was a U.S. Marine Investigator in 1954, and for the 58 years since. I helped to form the American Polygraph Association. I have been a Lifetime Member since the 'seventies, and stay current in the field, John Consigli is one of those Examiners, both by reputation and established performance, who will never let you down. I would use him in any case, no matter how high the stakes at issue."

- F. Lee Bailey

"I served as General Counsel for the American Polygraph Association Board of Directors with Jack Consigli for a number of years and through his terms as President and Chairman of the Board. Jack is a consummate professional, dedicated to excellence in everything he does.” Atty. Gordon L. Vaughan

- Vaughan & Demuro
111 S. Tejon St. Suite 410
Denver , Co. 80903-2245

"John Consigli is the person I go to whenever I am need of a polygraph. He is a true professional and has the highest respect in his field." Ed Johnson, President

- Ed Johnson & Associates, Inc.
290 Broadway Suite 311
Methuen, MA 01844

"I have used Consigli Polygraph Service in several internal affairs investigations that I have conducted over the last few years and found the service to be outstanding. Consigli Polygraph Service offers a unique professional service that is second to none. Jack Consigli’s experience, education, integrity and professionalism makes his service and his credentials unquestionable."

- Alfred P. Donovan
APD Management Inc.
Law Enforcement Consultant
Special Investigator